Build Pattern: Deploy by Proxy - Added to the book

It's been a couple months of other work. but there's finally new material in the book and more coming soon.


  • First: I've now grouped the chapters under "parts", that start telling a story, grouping the patterns under the following parts: Introduction,Separation of Concerns, Productivity, Maintainability, Team Collaboration, Stakeholders, and Branching.


  • I've also added a new pattern under stakeholders called "Deploy by Proxy" about dealing with Security Folks who won't let you deploy to production.


  • Also made slight adjustments to "Fill in the blanks" to make it clearer relating to separation of concerns topic.


  • On a related note, I've published a video course on beautiful builds which contains this information and more that will be added to the book plus demos with teamcity.  You can grab it at . it costs $25 until the end of July.